Sunday 3 December 2023

Year 3: No one wraps like an elf.

On Friday spellings were handed out but no home learning. We would like your child to practise their lines for our show 'No one wraps like an elf'. You should have all received the costume list here it is as a reminder. Please could we have these in this week (Friday by the latest) in a named bag. 

No-one wraps like an elf costume ideas


The majority of the elves should be dressed in red and green with pointy hats and scarves/

gloves etc. where appropriate.


Dressed as an elf, with additional waistcoat, half-moon glasses 

ELVIRA/ELVIS Dressed as elves, with the addition of something sparkly.


Dressed as elves, with tool belts and big cardboard scissors and screwdrivers.


Dressed as elves, with the addition of hi-vis jackets. 


Smart outfits - suits if possible - with bow ties.


Dark jackets and trousers, white shirts, black ties and dark glasses.


Brown tops, brown leggings and antlers. Rudolph will need a bright-red nose.


Traditional outfit and a face-painted beard.


Smart-casual outfits


Smart skirts/trousers, with shirts or blouses and bright neckerchiefs or bow ties.


Black tops and leggings, with black helmets or balaclavas.


School uniform.


Outdoor winter clothes.


Outdoor winter clothes.


Dark leggings with brightly coloured T-shirts or tabards with small S & G logos on them

If you would like your child to access more learning then they do have purple mash with a wealth of different learning programs on and TTRS as well as Ed Shed.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Year 3: Inspired to learn writing week

We're having a great Inspired to learn Writing week. We started the week by putting ourselves in the hot seat and pretending to be the White Witch. The children had to write questions for the witch and think about her response. 

In Science we have been investigating different magnets strength. 

We have had a fantastic day with the 'Bank of Dreams and Nightmares'. The children had to choose animals that they wanted to rule Narnia. 

The children then all performed their speeches and made campaign badges. Thank you so much to the team from the 'Bank of dream and Nightmares' who inspired the children to write some amazing pieces of writing. 

As well as amazing writing and Science we have been practicing our show 'No one wraps like an Elf'. The costume list came home today, if you have any concerns or questions about your child's costume, please get in touch. 
It would be very helpful if you could practice your child's lines with them at home please. 

This Friday is Christmas Craft day and the children can wear Christmas jumpers/ dress like elves in exchange for a donation for the tomobola for the Christmas Fayre on Sunday. 

Other dates for your diaries: 

Sunday 3rd December - POWSA School Fayre
Tuesday 12th December - Winter performances
Thursday 14th December - winter performances
Friday 15th December - Last Day of term and Party Day
Tuesday 2nd January - All children return

Sunday 12 November 2023

Year 3: Week 3- The week ahead

We have a few things coming up this week so this is just a quick reminder. 

Today (Monday) is the start of our Therapeutic Thinking week and we encourage everyone to wear odd socks. 

On Tuesday- It is world diabetes day and so children can wear blue nail varnish. Also on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be doing outdoor learning (half the class at a time on a each day) so please can we have raincoats and wellies. 

Friday is Children in Need. This year it is wear a silly hat, children can also come in non school uniform for a £1 suggested donation. We will be having a bake sale after school. If you are able to donate cakes for this then that would be appreciated. Please label ingredients on everything. 

As well as these activities, we will be thinking about how we feel and how are actions affect others. In English we will be learning about writing in past and present tense and in Maths we will be developing our learning of subtraction using the column method. In Science we will be investigation magnet strength. 

We have a huge amount of unnamed lost property that includes snack pots, lunch bottles, drinks bottles and many many jumpers. If you are missing anything please do let us know, we'll put the trolley out after school again today. We are really trying to encourage independence in Year 3 but are always encouraging the children to take their drinks bottles out for lunch and break and the children can have drinks and fill up their drinks bottles throughout the day. We have a fountain outside for children to use if they don't have their drinks. 

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me or see me at the door. 

Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Scott, Mrs McConnell

Mr MacBean + Mrs Thomas 

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Year 3: Week 2

 This week in Year 3 we have been learning how to use the column method to add two 3 digit numbers together. 

In English we are learning about headings, subheadings and writing notes to write our own fact file on what life was life for a Roman Soldier. The children worked in partners today to research their subheadings. 

In History we found out about when the Romans invaded Britain and what the Romans brought to Britain. 

In our outdoor learning this week we finished our rota of planting and using clay to make a leaf. We will continue to use class and develop our learning on sculpture. 

Thank you all so much for the AMAZING shields! We plan to use these next week for our mock 'battle'

Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Scott, Mrs McConnell
Mr MacBean and Mrs Thomas 

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Year 3: Amazing Roman trip

 We have had a fantastic trip to the Roman town house. We had a special tour inside the house where were learnt all about the different rooms. Did you know that the Romans invented underfloor heating! Then the children worked with a Barbarian to learn how to make formations and battle with shields. It was a fantastic trip which we will write about over the next week. 

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Year 3: Trip tomorrow

 At the moment the trip to the Roman Town House tomorrow morning (1st) is still going ahead. If the weather is horrendous in the morning then this may be postponed. 

A lot of parents have said to me about lunches. We have now arranged it so the children will be back for lunch. So if you have booked your child a lunch for tomorrow then you do not need to bring a packed lunch. 

Rain coats are a must tomorrow please. 

Thank you

Mrs Thorpe 

Monday 30 October 2023

Year 3: Important information about this week

Welcome back to Autumn 2! We can't wait to get started with learning about The Romans. On Wednesday we will be walking down to the Roman townhouse to start our learning. If any parents would like to accompany us on this trip please let me know on the door in the morning. Children should wear their normal school clothes and have a waterproof coat. The children will takes their snack and drink with them but be back by lunch. 

I hope you have enjoyed making the shields. Please can I remind you that we don't want these in school until next Monday (6th), this is due to the fact that we have limited storage for them. 

We will hopefully have be able to go out tomorrow afternoon for Forest School, please can we have wellies and waterproof coats in school. The weather looks unsettled now for a while. 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Scott, Mrs McConnell

Mr MacBean and Mrs Thomas